According to a study released by Harvard University, more students with autism and Asperger’s syndrome are attending college than ever before. Many are attributing the remarkable numbers to University’s desire to accept people with special needs and create programs to help them thrive in a higher education. Below are a few of the top college programs for people with disabilities.
In the DASP, students with special needs can find peer mentor training, support from advisers and programs to help them better adapt to independent living. Additionally, students can become ambassadors for change around campus, advocating for greater acceptance of all races, genders and disabilities.

Students accepted and enrolled in the AIM program will receive group and individual help focused on building communication skills, researching and writing papers, and improving social skills.

Rutgers University is one of the most accommodating schools for people with special needs. People with autism can live in a single dorm room, receive tutoring outside of the classroom at no additional charge and can be a part of the Asperger’s Disorder College Program – which provides life and career development skills.

The Kinney Center makes getting a college education less daunting for those with special needs by offering seminars on time management and social skills. The Center also works outside of the University by reaching out to the community to promote a positive message about people on the autism spectrum.

Boston University Supported Education Services
Boston University offers classes on ways to improve time management and social skills to anyone enrolled at the school. They are also one of the leading University’s behind autism research.

At the Autism Training Center students will find programs that help them learn to better manage their classroom assignments, make new friends and learn to live independently. Though the program is not free like at many other schools and can run a student nearly $3,000 a semester.

Debra Solomon, founder of Spectrum Strategies, sees the strengths in each and every individual with Asperger’s syndrome and Autism. Debra is focused on training young adults on the Autism Spectrum to accomplish life and career goals, no matter how big or small. She believes that through determination and commitment, every client has the ability to live life to the fullest potential. Call (516) 822-3150 for your one on one and let’s get you reaching for the stars!