When podcasts first broke onto the scene in the early 2000s, there were but a handful of them. Fast forward to 2018 and millions of podcasts exist. The rise of podcasts can be largely attributed to the fact that they’re easy to produce and inexpensive. This means that everyone can now have a platform and a voice.

If you’re interested in learning about autism, below are our top picks for the best podcasts about and by people on the autism spectrum.

The Autism Show

Featuring a new guest each week, the “Autism Show” is a weekly podcast designed for parents and educators of children and teens on the spectrum. Typically, guests are authors, educators, advocates, and those with an ASD.

Finding Mikey

“Finding Mikey” follows one man on the autism spectrum, Mikey, and his family as they all navigate the world around them. Each week covers a different topic — some weeks Mikey will talk about strategies for coping with challenges he faces, other weeks his family will discuss ways to help support someone in your life with an autism spectrum diagnosis.

The show also features advice from doctors, lawyers, educators, and other people on the spectrum.

Moving Autism Forward by Team TACA

Like its name implies, “Moving Autism Forward” is dedicated to not only improving the lives of people on the autism spectrum, but raising awareness about the condition within the general population as well. From personal stories to the latest research, experts frequently join the TACA team to discuss the most pressing issues facing the autism community.

Autism by UCTV

Hailing from the other side of the country, the University of California’s television outlet often discusses the university’s own discoveries and studies related to autism. It also features regular Q&A sessions in which listeners can call in an ask scientific and/or real-world questions about autism to experts at the university.

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