It seems like just yesterday that we were counting down the 2018 ball drop, but it’s already been a full year! With 2019 only a few hours away, New Year’s resolutions are on everyone’s mind. If you’re having a hard time coming up with a resolution or your past few haven’t lasted much farther than March, we’ve got a few (realistic) suggestions for you:

  1. Read more often.
  2. Learn how to cook one healthy meal from start to finish.
  3. Procrastinate less.
  4. Meditate for 10 minutes each morning.
  5. Spend more time in nature.
  6. Appreciate “the little things” in life more.
  7. Listen more and speak less.
  8. Vow to have a more positive attitude throughout the day.
  9. Be more active throughout the day.
  10. Write in a journal each night.
  11. Volunteer one day a month.
  12. Learn how to better manage money and save more.
  13. Spend less time in front of the TV each day.
  14. Spend less time on your phone.
  15. Listen to a genre of music you’ve never heard of before.
  16. Clean up your social media presence.
  17. Make getting a good night’s sleep a priority.
  18. Create an action plan for future goals.
  19. Say nothing more than “thank you” when someone gives you a compliment.
  20. Put yourself out there when it comes to making friends.


Debra Solomon, founder of Spectrum Strategies has many services waiting for you. From time management and productivity workshops to individual coaching, she is an expert in her field. Debra is focused on training young adults on the Autism Spectrum to accomplish life and career goals, no matter how big or small. Call (516) 510-7637 for your one on one.