There’s a lot that comes along with being a responsible homeowner. In addition to the cooking and cleaning, you also have to make sure your house is prepared for a natural disaster. With hurricane season officially underway, it’s important that you know how to protect your home from high winds and plenty of rainwater.

1. Install a surge protector.

A power surge can quickly destroy any electrical appliance plugged into an outlet and leave you without power and even heat. Reduce your chances of experiencing a power surge by adding a surge protector to your home’s electrical work.

2. Clean your yard of any debris.

Projectiles are the biggest danger your house faces during a storm, more so than rain and wind. Bicycles, fallen tree limbs, toys, and large rocks can all become projectiles if the wind kicks up. Well before the storm hits, clear your yard of anything that you think could be picked up by strong winds.

3. Seal (or reseal) your windows and doors.

To save on your heating and cooling bill, it’s a good idea to seal any air leaks, but if a storm is coming, it’s a necessity. Water can make its way through even the tiniest window seam and cause massive damage. And if you don’t catch and correct the problem right away, you may soon find yourself facing another problem — mold.

4. Stock up on supplies.

Food, water, medicine, flashlights, batteries, blankets — necessities every home should stock up on before a storm hits. In the event you lose power or the storm is worse than expected, you won’t have to venture out for these potentially life-saving necessities.

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