Lazy days are meant to be spent on the couch, watching TV, and napping, right? Wrong!

Ways to be productive on a lazy day

Everyone needs a “lazy day” from time to time, but just because you’re taking the day off from work or school, that doesn’t mean you have to be unproductive. Instead of letting a lazy day negatively impact your mental and physical health, use this time to improve your life. 

Read whatever you want.

Put down the textbooks, instruction manuals, and anything else you have to read and pick up something you actually want to read. Reading for pleasure has been shown to make people more creative and relaxed, so hop to it!

Listen to music.

Music is more powerful than you think. The right music can do everything from calm someone down to energize them. Whether you’re relaxing at home on the couch or doing simple chores, put some music on in the background.

Take a walk around your neighborhood.

Aside from running to your neighbor’s house to grab something, when was the last time you walked around your neighborhood? Get to know your town better by wandering through blocks without a plan or final destination in mind. Kill two birds with one stone and listen to music while you do it!

Play a board game or do a puzzle.

You probably play games all the time. The only thing is, those games are on a 6-inch screen you keep in your pocket. Put down your cell phone and try playing an actual board game. You can even grab a book and try a crossword puzzle or Sudoku.

Don’t sleep in too late.

While it’s fine to give yourself an extra few minutes of sleep on your day off, don’t take advantage of it. Waking up later than usual likely means you’ll also fall asleep later than usual.


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